Thursday, June 18, 2015

Chemo part 2, Number 8: Port Clogged continued

Nancy and Rasika sit with me through my chemo routine.  Rasika has brought me some treats from Seven Stars Bakery which contain ginger, with the hope they will calm my nauseous stomach.  There are two ginger scones and a ginger star.  Normally I would describe these treats to you, and tell you how delicious these are, but my stomach is so unhappy with the very thought of food.   I tuck the bags away and don't even think to share my treasures until Rasika has left.  She had brought two scones, I should have offered her one.

Rasika leaves shortly before the lunch cart arrives.  Once again Lenore, the lunch lady pushes her cart past my pod, parking it out of my sight before coming back to visit.  She wants to hear about my knitting adventures, which I have none to share.  It is so lovely of her to ask though, and her understanding of my current food aversion is so appreciated.

I try to ignore the smells of food surrounding me, drifting in from other patients pods.  I decide   putting some food in my stomach might help settle it.  I give Nancy a scone and take a few bites out of my ginger star.  It is not quite the right thing, but I remember I have some some dark chocolate scorched almonds Rasika brought from Australia in my backpack.  Four of these and I feel a little more settled.

Nancy pulls out her backpack and shows me the entertainments she has brought. She has games, and a map so we can plan an upcoming trip around RI we want to take.  We attempt to visit the thirty nine cities and towns in the state, all in one day.  Since stopping to take photos in each town with landmarks is part of our goal, we need to plan our route carefully. The tricky part will be getting to Block Island and back.  It's not far, but ferrying over, getting off to get photos, and catching the next ferry back without getting distracted could be a challenge.  It will be fun to see how long it all takes, our own mini Amazing Race.

Before we decide which activity to do, Nancy needs to step away for a few minutes.  I take this opportunity to go next door and visit Carol.  She tells me about her vacation, and how she managed with her neuropathy.  It sounds like she had a nice, relaxing time. She has received some good news from Dr. Safran today too, so I help her celebrate by sharing my ginger scone with her.  Nancy hangs out with us while Carol and I finish catching up, but before too long, I need to return to my chair because my head feels weird.  Not anything new, just the usual drugs are being pumped into my body weird.

Nancy and I never end up doing anything she has brought, we just sit and talk.  I get spacy, and though I try not to show it I am sure it must be kind of funny.  She stays with me right to the end of my treatment, and gives me a ride home.  When we arrive at the front of my house, we are greeted by a riot of color on my sidewalk.  I have been chalk bombed again.


Thanks Rasika, Sanji, Chaya, Brett, Willa, Jasper, Hazel,Thomas, Phoebe, and Alex T and the Mooslazi clan!

Way to make a person feel loved!

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