Thursday, August 20, 2015

Wedding Weekend Continued...

Steve and I finally prepare to leave the wedding. The last song has been played, the remaining books perused, good wishes and hugs have been bestowed upon the bride and groom. We head out into the night, and I gingerly toddle back to our hotel.  It was only a short, ten minute walk a few hours ago, but that was before dancing like there was no tomorrow.  Now, it is a long fifteen minutes back.

 I turn out the light and we settle into bed.  I am too wound up to sleep, but I can tell by the deep rhythmic breathing coming from beside me, that Steven has fallen asleep right away.  I didn't leave a light on to read by, and I don't want to disturb Steven, so I lie awake and wait.  And wait.  Sleep doesn't want to come.  The aching in my legs grows, but I don't want to get out of bed to search for my stash of acetaminophen.  I wonder if these achy bones are from lack of use, or from the chemo that is still making it's way out of my body.

I do fall asleep at some point, because I wake up to the dim light leaking in from around the curtains.  I am so sore.  I feel like I have been doing cross fit all night.  If you don't know about Cross Fit, it is this crazy, intense exercise regimen.  When you start cross fit, you are always sore, probably because you are out of shape.  As you continue to do cross fit, you are always sore, because once you are fit enough to do something, you need to increase the workout, to get stronger.  At some point I started to wonder, how strong do I really need to be?  Don't get me wrong, strong is good.  Sore all the time, not so good.

Before Steve and I check out of our room, I stop by to say goodbye and thank you to Julie and David.  I also need to drop off a square for the quilt being made for the bride and groom.  They were supposed to be put in a book during the wedding, and then presented as a gift during the evening.  I left mine sitting on the bed when we left our room.  It is shaped like the United States, with hearts embroidered in California, where Helen and Ben met, and in Boston where they married.  There are other family events today, so Julie is going to bring my square to the bride's sister who is making the quilt.  Forgetting the square gives me another opportunity to see Julie and David, so it hasn't worked out too badly for me.

We had been invited to the family gatherings today, which I started to regret, but this morning I am glad that I passed on the offer.  I am feeling so achy and tired.  I hope this is just a temporary state of being, and that it passes soon. 

Steve and I head out for the T, which is what the subway in Massachusetts is called.  We take the red line directly to South Station, where we transfer to a train which will take us into Providence.  Once upon a time, before I woke up this morning, we had talked about stopping by a museum.  When I awoke so sore, I knew we were going straight home.  Even though we had traveled lightly, and left anything difficult to carry in a backpack behind in our hotel room.  The hangers were nice, but definitely easier to travel without. Our packs were still awkward and heavy.  I couldn't even imagine shlepping them around the city. 

We arrived at the station with just enough time to grab a quick breakfast before boarding our train.  It was air conditioned and not crowded, and Steven and I passed the time talking and watching the scenery pass by out the window.  The train really is such a nice way to travel. I need to use it to go visit Kaileigh more often.

From the train station, it is only a short walk to the bus stop, and the street where we live is right off of the bus line.  This is very convenient. 

By the time we get home, I am of course, exhausted, and ready for a nap. 

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