Saturday, December 6, 2014

Monday, November 24

Today it is raining, but deliciously warm.  No need for hand warmers or mittens or layers of clothing.  It is oh, so heavenly.

I don't blog because I feel like I am coming down with a sore throat, and go to bed early.


I awaken at two this morning, and while I might normally just get up, I still feel like I have a cold coming on. I concentrate on an earworm to prevent me from worrying about everything and fall back asleep only to wake up again an hour later. This pattern continues until I finally get up at six.  I shower and start cleaning while watching the news to see what has been happening in Ferguson MO. It has been a restless night out in the world too.

By nine o'clock, I am so tired, I need to take a nap.  I ask Steven if he can cover for me, so I can sleep a little more.  He and Sara take the kids to the playground, and I sleep for an hour and a half.  It is warm out, so I walk to the playground needing only a sweater for extra warmth.  I know that Steven has a busy day today, so I am grateful for his help.

I find everyone playing around the fountain.  We love it this time of year, because it is empty and we make full use of it's play value.  We can walk on the edge and play inside.  It is decorated with colorful chalk lines the kids made before I arrived.  Some of the kids run around inside the bowl of the fountain, some like to search for coins left behind from the summer.  They are hidden beneath the accumulation of leaves or under the piping the rings the base.  There aren't many left, but occasionally one will pop up somewhere.  There is good treasure hunting here.

We play at the north end of the park for a while before heading back to my house for lunch.

It is still warm out in the evening, so I walk to knitting.  I am hoping I will leave early,to look for gifts on Thayer Street.  Instead, I leave later and arrive just as knitting begins.


The weather forecast for today is rain and snow mixed.  Looks like a nor'easter.  Due to the bad weather, some of my children have left early to get a head start on traveling to Thanksgiving in other places.  Still, we manage to have five for the day, and make ginger bread cut out cookies.  The rain lets up a little, so we take advantage of the break and take a short walk.

I was hoping to have the monthly knitting night at my house this evening, but cancelled it last night based on the forecast.  It was a good call. Instead, I baked a cranberry pie and a pumpkin pie to bring to my sisters house tomorrow.

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