Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Saturday, November 29

It is forecast to be cold and I want to rake leaves today.  My plan is to do something else until it gets warm enough to stay outside for a while.  I bring all of the Christmas gifts I have accumulated to this point downstairs to the kid worktable that is in my living room, find all the necessary accessories, put on some Christmas music and start wrapping gifts. I do this with a bird perched on my shoulder.  I am bird sitting two little parakeets for the holiday weekend, and they need to spend some time out of the cage.  I split their time, and wrap accompanied by the chirping and the occasional fluttering of wings.

It never really gets warm today, and early in the afternoon I have an engagement gathering to go to for some close family friends. Maybe I can rake leaves tomorrow.

Kaileigh and Josh have stopped in today hello and bring me some lunch.  This is so appreciated after sitting and wrapping all morning.  They are on their way to Pastiche to pick up some cakes for the party we are going to this afternoon.

 Julie and David are in town for the Thanksgiving holiday, and while they are here, they are celebrating the engagement of their son Ben.  He and Helen are both in for the holiday from California, so it is the perfect time for everyone to come together and celebrate them.  It is hard when families start to spread out across the country and distance makes it difficult to share in life events.  It is really nice that Julie put together this gathering, not only for Ben and Helen, but for everyone invited as well.   We get to gather and enjoy cake, celebrate a happy event, all in the company of friends.  What could be better?

The party is at the First Unitarian Church, which has a lovely space for celebrating in.  There are large, colorful Persian rugs covering the floors of two of the rooms, antique sofas and a fireplace adding ambiance to the space.  David greets us at the door with a big hug and guides us to the gathering.  The first thing you notice when you walk into the room is a long table filled with cake.  They look beautiful and smell delicious.

The there are tables in an adjoining room to sit and enjoy the cake, although many people stand and eat their cake close to where they will go to get their next taste.  I could list off each of the cakes, but it would make you too hungry, so I will just tell you my favorite.  The chocolate mousse cake is heavenly.  It is light and fluffy, with such a dark intense chocolate flavor that is not too sweet nor bitter.  It is a rather plain looking cake, not as fancily decked out as the others, but this is only to fool those who don't know better.  This is the most heavenly cake of the bunch.

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  1. Tried to post a picture of the cakes, but it didn't work. Anyway, they were yummy. Thanks Pastiche (and Ayla)!