Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Sunday, November 23

There is a Thanksgiving Service today at church, and I want to sing with the Joyful Noise Choir. This special choir that has been brought together for this multi-generational service, and is made up of people of all ages.  I have tried unsuccessfully to get to the required two rehearsals, but only make it to the last one this morning.  The songs are some we have sung in children's chapel, so I think I can wing it.

I am a greeter today, one of the duties that people on the Prucom are responsible for.  I get to stand at the door and welcome people into the church.  This is a job I seldom get to do, but one I really enjoy.  I haven't done it since just before my surgery, last June.  When I am done greeting, once the chalice is lit, I go to sit with my fellow kindergarten teacher, Sarah.  When it comes time to sing at the front of the church, I bring her along with me.

After the service, as a part of my greeter job, I go to the newcomers cafe and say hello to people new to our community.  I notice two little girls who had come into the church with their mother earlier.  They are all dressed up, in fancy dresses and shoes.  One is in pre school, and the other, in first grade.  Neither will be in my class this year if they continue to come, but I tell them about Sunday school, and talk with their mom. I also meet a young couple who have recently moved to Providence, and just started coming to the church last week.  I find out they are close in age to Kaileigh and Josh, and live on the same street as one of their friends.  While we are talking, we get invited to witness two new members signing our membership book. This officially makes the signers voting members of our church community.  The signing of the book means they have also agreed to our covenant, which is only in its third incarnation in nearly three hundred years.

We, the members of the First Unitarian Church of Providence, with respect for the worth and dignity of each person, with wonder at the light we know by many names, and with gratitude for our deep connection to each other and the larger web of existence, covenant to walk together in our search for truth, seeking the paths of wisdom, compassion, and justice. 

The couple who are signing the book happen to be the grandparents of a child in my Sunday school class.  I feel like it is a special privilege to be invited to witness this signing.

After a quick lunch, Allie and I go driving.  We run a few errands for her mom, and drive to her school in East Providence.  We practice backing up and parking between the lines.  She does well.  On the way home, we decide to stop at Dunkin Donuts.  On our first try, we to the drive through.  Allie asks for powdered sugar munchkins. The person taking the order tersely states, "we have jelly." Did that person really just say that?   It feels like we are in a comedy sketch.  We decide to try another instead.  We drive less than a mile to find the next Dunkin Donuts. Here we go inside. They have powdered sugar munchkins, but Allie decides to try cinnamon.  The donut dealer gives her an extra, probably because he thinks Allie is so cute.

In the late afternoon, Steve and I go out to see a documentary movie, Citizenfour, about Edward Snowdon, .  It is a very intense movie which tells his story from the time he first reveals top secret documents about domestic spying to the press.  It starts in Hong Kong, and follows him into Russia, where he remains today.  The film maker and the journalist are very brave people to have documented this very powerful story.  I am surprised that there are not more people at the show. 


  1. Thanks for keeping us up on this, see you in church some time.

  2. Later that day I thought how great it was to have you in the Newcomers' cafe that day, to talk to those two adorable girls about Sunday School, and how you had a lot of connections with that young couple. It was great having your help that day, and to get to hangout with you. You are welcome anytime.

  3. Sending warm thoughts your way, Kathy. Frances