Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Friday, January 2

 I walk around on fat feet,
Shuffling, shuffling
fingers numb,
tongue tingling,
tipsy, tipsy,
as if on drugs, 
because I am.

Rapidly flowing
thorough my body, 
until slowly,
they leach out.
Healing, helping
bringing new health, 
slowly harming,
killing cells,
damaging nerves
numbing fingers and toes, 
mind and memory.

As I fight on
looking for the end, 
waiting, watching
When will this all be over?

Steve and I bring an old imac and a tower to the apple store to be recycled.  They have been hanging around the house for years, waiting for this day.  I am so glad to see them go.

We drive to Johnston to the landfill to leave some old plastic ride on toys to be recycled.  It is a beautifully clear day, but as I stop my car to ask someone where to bring the toys a strong wind kicks up sand and blows it toward the driver side of the car.  The man I am talking to turns just as it reaches us and gets a face full of sand, before I can warn him it is coming.  I wonder how many times a day this must happen to him.

It feels good to be free of these things, and inspires me to move forward with my straightening task.  The more I clean, the messier things get.  It is a losing battle.

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  1. You are brilliant.
    And I am amazed.
    You are approaching the finish line, and a laurel wreath awaits you, the crown of victory.