Thursday, January 15, 2015

Sunday, January 4

This is the first day of Sunday school in the new year.  We haven't been together in three weeks, and the kids seem happy to see each other after such a long break.  We talk about resolutions and thinking about the coming year.  I love little kid resolutions: be nice to my brother or sister, help out mom and/or dad, learn to skateboard.  They are so simple and attainable.  We should all learn from this.

There is a lot of cleanup that needs to be done at my house today.  There are still scraps around from yesterday, along with many of the art supplies.  I have to confess, I kind of love cleaning when the house is such a mess like this, because it gives me such a sense of accomplishment.  You can't help but see the results.   A closet?  Who can appreciate that, except for someone who frequently opens that door.  But a living room art trashing?  That is where you can really see a difference.

I get all of the art supplies put away, but still need to tackle the Christmas tree and assorted decorations.  With help from Steve, we get everything boxed, put away, the tree to the curb and needles swept, vacuumed and gone! By the time I need to pick Anna up from the train station, order is restored for the most part.  The few things I have left to do I can get in the morning.


It is good to see my daycare kids after our break.  Everyone has had a nice time off, and all are happy to be with me and Sara again.  Steve helps out in the morning so I can run to an appointment that I show up to three hours early.

 Doh!  I reschedule for tomorrow and go home.

Steve is out for the rest of the day to cover the mayoral inauguration. It is a busy day for him.


I make it to my appointment today at the right time.  I am still feeling badly about mix up yesterday.

Alex helps out so I can go.

I paint snowmen on black paper with the kids today.  I can't get the boys to come paint with us, they are having too much fun playing cars together.  They really missed each other during our break.

Because the boys don't want to paint, there is room for me at the table to sit down and join in.  I paint big round circles on the paper for the kids to fill in with white, giving them accent colors when they are done making the snow.  If I give all of the colors at one time, everything gets mixed until there is just one shade of grey.  Sometimes this works, but not when making snowmen.  When we are done, we sprinkle the paint with glitter to make it sparkle.

Julia comes home from school with a sore throat, and asks me to feel the glands in her neck.  My fingers are too numb to tell.  This is annoying.  Hot tea with honey and an early bedtime seem to be in order though.

Knitting is a fine, happy group tonight.  Ayla and Malani join us again, and Dana brings some brownies. Lonnie, Sarah, and Linda are there too.  I share the good news about my liver, and we drink tea and eat brownies to celebrate.

When we leave, the snow that has been gently falling all day sparkles in the streetlight, just like our snowmen pictures.


This is a day for music!  We sing, bang and parade our way through part of the morning.  One of our crew asks if we can take our long walk, so we go with it.  By the time we are through, everyone is tired, but nice and warm thanks to snowsuits.

I have a Prucom meeting tonight, which I have been secretly hoping might get cancelled due to the very cold temperatures predicted.  It doesn't, and I go.  I share my news at check in, and everybody applauds.  It was totally worth coming out just for that bit of love.

I feel bad towards the end of the meeting though.  Sitting for extended periods with a bag just doesn't work very well.  At least not where my stoma is located.  I have eaten something that has made me gassy, and  I can feel my bag working its way loose.  I don't smell good, and I feel badly for people sitting near me, but there is little I can do.

This whole bag thing is just driving me crazy lately.  I haven't had chemo in three weeks, and instead of things getting better, they have become less predictable and worse.  I need to apply a new bag at least two times a day, because of the slowly creeping poop.  the extra belly I have accumulated these last few weeks is probably not helping things either. 

The wind is bitter cold as I leave my meeting.  I hope that anyone who is homeless is finding a warm place to sleep tonight.