Sunday, January 18, 2015

Monday, January 12

Even though Dr. Safran told me to expect my chemo side effects to get worse for the next two months, it seems as if they are starting to subside.  Today my feet feel less puffy, my hands more flexible.  I haven't even dropped too many things today.  I am brushing my teeth as I am thinking this, and my gums start to bleed.  Maybe I am wrong.

I have noticed little aches and pains that have gone unnoticed while I was on chemo have started to make themselves known again. Those little twinges that remind you your body is getting older. Even my sloshy feet I can feel when I nod my head forward is lessening.  These are all good signs. 


Because the last few days have been so busy, I haven't been able to get to the grocery store.  We really need some fresh fruit, we ate the last of it yesterday. When Steve comes downstairs for breakfast, one of the kids asks him if he can go out and get some bananas.  Since there are only a couple of children before lunch time, I go shopping while Sara and Steve hold down the fort.

It is nice to go to the grocery store on a Tuesday morning.  There are so few customers, and the shelves are so well stocked.  I buy blueberries and strawberries and tell myself that this week, I will eat them.  I have been telling myself this for the last few weeks, but end up giving them to the kids.  Since I have been on chemo, I haven't been able to eat them.  They are too cold, or I am too afraid of eating them.  There are too many healthy foods to be suspicious of lately. I have little trouble with the sweet foods though.

When I get home, I make quesadillas for the kids, and a fruit salad with yogurt for myself.  It does taste good.

It was Lonnie's birthday on Sunday, so we are celebrating this evening at knitting.  Ayla has surprised everyone by baking a cake for her.  Such a sweet and delicious thing to do!


I have an appointment with Dr. Lentrichia today at nine.  I haven't heard from him since I found out my good news, so I am hoping we will be making an appointment to reconnect my colon soon.

Steve and I leave early in case there is rush hour traffic, and end up arriving before the office is even open.  When we are let in, we don't have to wait long before we are called to see the doctor.  I catch Dr. Lentrichia up on all that has been going on, and find out that he and Dr. Safran have been playing phone tag for the last two weeks.  He is happy about all that I have to tell him, and we make plans for my operation.

I am reeducated about the risks of the operation, he will try to do everything laparoscopically, but there is always a chance he might have to cut further in my abdomen.  He will need to see what my colon looks like where the growth once was, to see if how much scar tissue is there and if anything needs to be done to that, so he will have to scope me rectally. 

As we part, he tells me someone will call me within twenty four hours to schedule my operation.  This is just what I want to hear.

We stop at Whole Foods on the way home to pick up some echinacea and some bananas.  We have already gone through most of the bananas I bought yesterday, and I am afraid I will come down with a cold before my operation, so I want to combat it with echinacea.

Not long after I get home I get the call telling me they can operate on Monday, Martin Luther King Jr. Day.  This is perfect!  I even have Monday off already.  I will go in for pre-admission testing tomorrow at twelve thirty.

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  1. And Martha said you did great and are reconnected. Hope that is ongoing! Ellen