Friday, September 26, 2014

August 28, 2014

I sleep late after getting up at four yesterday morning.  Today I am up at six, and have a child coming at seven.

This is a transition week for daycare.  Some children have started school, some are still waiting for school to begin next week. We have a wide range of ages this week, from almost two years to ten years.

My first arrival is one of the older children, so we play games and I knit until more friends arrive.  We make cupcakes to celebrate the birthday of one of our friends, and make cards to send to another friend who has moved away and will be celebrating her birthday in Australia.

Steve helps us go for a walk today, since we have such a wide range of children that move at different speeds.

Brett stops by with a kale salad for us.  I am a little afraid of the kale, since the last time Steve made it for me I had a bad weekend, but it smells really good.  I eat it and hope for the best.

I go to visit my Dad this evening, and he is in good spirits.  He is definitely more upbeat than he was on Tuesday.  The room he has is at the end of the hall, it is spacious and has one wall of windows.  This lets in a lot of light, and looks out on some beautiful green trees and then the new highway.  It is not a bad sight.  If you tire of looking at the trees, you can watch the traffic on the highway.  Sara and I ask him how he lucked out and got such a cushy room.

My Dad is not a very talkative person, so passing time in the hospital is sometimes very quiet.  We watch television together and comment about what is going on in the world usually.  I tell him any news I have from my family, but there is nothing that we can have a lengthy conversation about. This evening he is having trouble with his cell phone though, so we spend some time trying to figure out if it works in the hospital.  I call him, and he calls me.  We get it figured out.  As I watch him try to dial his phone, I realize it is difficult for him.  His fingers are so wide, and the numbers on the phone are so small.  He doesn't use it much, but it seems hard to control.  I ask him if he wants a different phone, but he says it is the hospital that is making his phone not work, not his trouble dialing.

I don't have time to go to stained glass after visiting my Dad.  Instead I go to pick up Alex from Filipa's house.  We stop on the way home to get some ice cream.  Tomorrow is chemo day.

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