Thursday, September 25, 2014

Monday, August 25

Steven and I go to see the nutritionist first thing this morning.   He has lost a few pounds since our last visit, and has been keeping track of the number of steps he takes in a day.  He usually exceeds the ten thousand step goal.  We get more meal tips and Steve is to start a food diary, to track what he has been eating. 

Once we get back to the house, it is time to take my little ones for a walk.  We head over to the boulevard to see if the mourning doves are still in their nest, but find they have left.

Sara gets a call from my Dad, she needs to bring him to Miriam to get his port flushed.  He needs to have this done every six weeks or so, to keep the line that he receives his dialysis treatment through clear. This takes a few hours, and he calls again when he is done.  She goes to pick him up and bring him home. There are only a few children today, so she doesn't need to come back.

It is a busy night at my house, Steve goes to a Gaza forum at the Barrington Library, I have a Happiness gathering to go to.  My group talks about going line dancing, a new activity for some of us.  It is on a Thursday night though, so I don't think I will join them.

Tuesday, August 26

Last night my Dad fainted at my sister Sara's house, where he lives.  He hit his head on the floor, and when he came to, he was dazed.  She called the rescue and was at the hospital with him until four thirty in the morning.  I didn't know that she had been up all night when she met us at the playground later in the morning.

Today we put all of the wishes back into the fountain, and added a few of our own. (Read A Playground Adventure to find out more!)

Stopped by the Jane Brown wing of RI Hospital in the evening to visit my Dad.  It makes my sister and I nervous that he is put in this wing of the hospital.  Last year, he had a terrible experience here where he lost the vision in one eye.  It seems like the staff might be different but Sara is keeping an eye on who cares for him.  He has already gotten into trouble because he won't stay in bed and wait for assistance to go to the bathroom.  He insists that he can make it there on his own, but he is definitely a fall risk.

Went to knitting after my visit.  When I get home, I eat a whole pint of mint chocolate chip ice cream.  I didn't mean to but I did.  Thanks Brett!

Wednesday, August 27th

I get up at four again, even though I went to bed late last night.  I was wide awake with no sign that I would be going back to sleep.  I got up, got dressed and managed to make it around the boulevard twice!

I am feeling very well these days, energized by the thought of getting stronger.  I want to try running a little.  I had been unhappily running for quite a while, and I wonder if the cancer was making me feel that way.  It is something I will think about for a bit before trying.

Over the weekend, I don't think I drank enough water, and I want to be sure to be hydrated for chemo. I manage to drink nine ounces before the morning is through.  The combination of warm weather and bike ride make it easier for me to drink.

Although I awoke so early, I panicked when I was in the shower and realized I should be on school time.  There are children that come earlier during the school year than they do in the summer, and I need to be set to go by seven thirty.  I rush to get ready, and am relieved that my first child doesn't come until eight.

My Dad is still in the hospital, but since I have a knitting night at my house this evening, I don't have time to visit him. I'll stop by to see him tomorrow.

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