Saturday, September 27, 2014

Chemo # 5

Friday, August 29th

I sleep in late today, waking at seven.  I don't feel any apprehension about going to chemo today, things have been going so well.

My appointment is at 9:20 today, so I don't feel so rushed.  I register at Fain 3, got my blood work drawn and sent down to the lab.   I see Bess, who takes my blood pressure and weight, and my drug update.  Still no extra meds needed!

Today I get to visit Dr. Safran, he is pleased with my progress.   All of my numbers are looking good, my liver function has gone up, and I am producing more hemoglobin, which is great for someone who is on chemo.

Faye is my nurse today, she is always so pleasant.  We check in with each other, I tell her about my side effects, she tells me of her vacation.  We are ahead of schedule today, because I don't need to have the iron supplement today.  This means that I get fuzzy brained much earlier, it usually doesn't happen until after lunch.

Claire comes by to do some Reiki on me. Each time she does a treatment on me, it is a different experience.  Today her hands feel cooler, but not uncomfortably so.  She starts out on the same path, but I feel like she has altered it today.

My bag is full of gas this morning, I haven't had any audible explosions, there must be a slow leak from my stoma.  I feel like a balloon that is slowly deflating.  I don't notice my bag is so puffy until Claire touches my belly area.  She doesn't touch the bag, rather, brushes by it with her hands.  It is nothing to her, I hope, but to me it is slightly embarrassing. 

Lenore brings by the lunch cart.  She is pleasant as always and offers me the usual choices.  I get a turkey sandwich in the marbled bread, which doesn't really taste like much today.  Side effects already.  At dessert time, I get pudding with a little cream cup.  This is the way that Lenore likes to eat it, she says it is like whipped cream. I am a little skeptical, but I try it and it seems good.

I always bring knitting with me, although it turns out to be unknitting in the end.  I usually have to undo much of what I have done on my chemo days because I have lost stitches or mixed up the pattern.  Lenore is also a knitter and likes to check in on what I doing.  Maybe I should bring her some yarn some time.

I get all my chemo, am hooked up to my pump and sent on my way.  We get home by two o'clock, surprisingly early after the later start.

Steve has a peace rally to cover downtown, and then a rally to impeach Obama at the state house.  He leaves shortly after we get home, so Ayla comes over to keep me company tonight.

We share some delicious black bean soup, salad, olive bread and brownies that Cynthia has brought by for me.  I am so lucky to have her feed my spirit on Sunday, and then feed my rumbly tumbly on this chemo day.  And the food is as thoughtful and filling as her sermon!

Ayla and I decide to go shopping to get the components for the Cancergirl and Radioactiveman costumes.  Since there has only been one comic so far, so I decide to take matters into my own hands. I can not draw, but I can direct a camera shoot. We will make a fumetti, an Italian style comic made using photographs.  I am going to try and find colorful clothing modeled after those Kaileigh used in her comic strip.

We stop at Savers first, where I find a purple dress for Cancer Girl, and some blue shorts for Radioactiveman.  I also find a ruffled dress I like.  I think the ruffles will cover my belly bump nicely.  I buy it even though I don't really need any more dresses.

From there we continue on to Target.  We still need turquoise leggings for me, a green shirt and leggings or sweatpants for Steven.  It is here that I realize how dangerous it is to shop on chemo.  By the time we arrive at the register, I have picked up so many extra items.  They are things I will need eventually, but not things I need now. I have found another pair of shorts for Steven, with stars all over them.  Very super hero.  There is also a green tee shirt that matches the intensity of the one Kaileigh has drawn.  Then there are some Christmas gifts and gifts for birthdays that are coming up, along with other various things.   I laugh at my shopping haul when I see it on the conveyor and buy it all anyway.

We get home late, but I still manage to do a blog post.  By the time I change my bag and get to bed it is after midnight.

Thinking about my side effects today, I realize I am a bit of a mess.  Weepy eyes, hoarse voice,
forgetfulness, and super chatty.  It is like I am drunk!

When I am thinking about my side effects today, I realize I am quite an interesting mess.  My voice is hoarse, my eyes are teary, I am forgetful and chatty.  Sounds like I am drunk, for sure.


  1. The last two paragraphs! Mom, you are so funny.

  2. I remember being SO happy to hear the great news of your numbers going up, Kathy. So wonderful to have the support of someone like Cynthia-- friendship that both nourishes the soul and tummy is truly to be cherished. Can't wait to see the video-- the costumes sound AH-mazing.