Thursday, September 11, 2014

Friday, August 15, 2014

Kaileigh is coming with me to chemo today.  She leaves her apartment in Somerville early, but hits a traffic jam.  I am worried that she might not make it on time, so I head over to the Miriam on foot. Just as I turn the corner onto Hope Street, she drives by me and stops on the opposite side of the street to pick me up.  We make it to the hospital in plenty of time.

There are many people in the waiting room when I arrive, but when I go to the chemo unit, there is hardly anyone there.  Carolyn is my nurse today, since Faye is on vacation.  She takes my blood for testing and it comes back quickly today. Everything looks good.  Another nurse, Jen, comes in to take my vitals.  Since Dr. Safran is on vacation I won't be seeing him today, so I don't have to leave my chair except for bathroom breaks.

Carolyn and Me!

Jen asks about my tattoo.  She really likes it and the story of its origin.  Carolyn asks about it today too. They love that my daughter designed it and that both my daughters and a few friends also have fox tattoos.

Claire comes again to give me a Reiki treatment.  I am surprised because I thought she would be away today. She starts, and I don't feel anxious at all this time.

I remembered to bring snacks for Kaileigh today, so she doesn't need to leave to get lunch.  We talk through the whole session, and can't believe it when Carolyn tells me I am ready to be hooked up to my fluorouracil pump.

When I get home, there are five children at my house.  I sit and color with them and then play a couple of games of Uno.  Sara makes some popcorn for snack, and it smells so good.  Popcorn has always been one of my favorite snacks.  I haven't had any since my surgery, and I am a little nervous that it might bother me.  I decide that chemo weekend is not the best time to try new things out.

Ellen comes by with some delicious soup for Kaileigh and I to share for dinner.  It comes with some olive bread and fresh mozzarella and is warming and delicious.  I appreciate this, as it warms my whole being, right to the tips of my fingers!

Claudia stops by to bring me a gift from the congregation at 1st UU.  With the inspiration and guidance from our peace flag/Month of Peace mentor and founder, Ginny Fox, they have made me the most beautiful peace flags.  They are all different and colorful and made with love and care.  I am so touched by the number and the beauty of them all.  It is such a lovely gift. (A photo will be posted later...  check back!)

I walk up to Hope Street to go to the bank, and run into a former neighbor who is out walking her dog.  While we are catching up, one of my moms from a few years ago walks by looking for her daughter. We have a great catch up session in front of Olive Del Mondo.  This is one of the many wonderful things about my neighborhood.

Amy leaves to find her daughter, and returns with her so I can see how she has grown and say hello.  She is much taller than the last time I saw her, as beautiful as ever, and she is sporting a temporary fox tattoo to show support for me!  So cool.

Kaileigh and I go to the mall to check out smart phones.  She has been feeling like it would work better for her for a number of reasons, one being that  there is an app for the T she could get that would be helpful.  She chooses one, and I decide to get one for Steve as a graduation present.  Unfortunately it won't be such a big surprise, as his old phone gets turned off accidentally.  This leaves him with no way to contact us about where we should meet him, unless he uses his ipad.  He doesn't know this though, so I need to email him when I get home.

We are hoping to hit a few other stores before the mall closes, but our phone purchases take so long we close the mall down at the Verizon store.

My treatment today has made me foggy and slow headed, but I am aware of this and try to work my way through it by taking my time with things.  My fingers are more tingly, but it is cooler out today so that may be why.   I need to wear gloves home from my trip to Hope St. and at the mall. My stomach feels icky from the fluorouracil, but the psi bands seem to be keeping things under control.  I go to bed knowing that the sleep will help me feel better, and that tomorrow will be an exciting day.

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