Sunday, September 21, 2014

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

When I wake up my hands are feeling less itchy today, but my feet are starting to itch.  Is this for real, or is it just in my head?  I will just have to see what the day brings.

This evening my knitting friends presented me with the afghan they have been working on for me.  It is beautiful.  It is shades of green, with crocheted flowers sprinkled across it.  It is a meadow of love knitted for me by my friends.  What could be better for keeping away the chill of the day?

Wednesday, August 20

No more itching today, thankfully.  And less finger tingles.  I am getting better at predicting when my fingers will get cold and remembering to put on my gloves. 

Alex tells me he has decided to go back to UMass for the winter semester, and has started doing what he needs to do to make this happen.  I am surprised, because this is very different from the last plan that I had heard, but happy that he is making such mature decisions for the course of his life.   Working at Whole Foods has been fine, he tells me, but most of the people he talks to who work there wish they had continued on with their schooling.  He thinks this is good advice. I do too.

Thursday August 21

I wake up with that electric feeling again.  I am starting to see a pattern here.  Every Thursday after chemo, I have this feeling.  It is helpful to know this, because now I can anticipate it and be ready.

I go for a bike ride, this seems to help calm my body down.  I make it around the boulevard one and a half times today.

Around mid day, I start to feel very tired, but get through.

Jane stops by after nap time. She has brought along her sewing machine so she can finish the bag covers she is making for me.  Jane has also brought along her daughter for a visit.  She used to come to my house when she was little.  Now, she is taller than her mom!  We have a short visit before some of her friends come to pick her up for a trip to the mall.

Jane stays and works on fitting the covers for my ostomy bags.  The covers are so pretty, much nicer than the flesh colored bags that hang from my belly.  Now I have four different designs to choose from, colorful and fun.  They will make me feel much better about wearing a tee shirt or any shirt for that matter.  I won't have to wear a dress all the time.

Jane tells me she might like to come to knitting at my church sometime, but is not sure that she can learn to knit.  I assure her we can teach her, but let her know that we don't mind if people come with other crafts either.  She can bring her machine and quilt if she likes.  Some of our knitters might also like to quilt too!

Kaileigh wants to visit the RISD museum this evening for gallery night.  There is a circus theme, and there will be posters on display.  My whole family has an appreciation for circus art, after seeing an exhibit at a Circus Museum in Wisconsin we stopped at on a trip to bring Kaileigh to college in Portland Oregon.  I take the night off once again from stained glass, to go.  It was fun to be with Kaileigh and Steven, but the exhibit is not as interesting as we had hoped.  There is a circus act going on outside that is fun though, lots of children and adults enjoying juggling, unicycle and balancing acts, ostrich stilt walking.  This is certainly worth more than the price of admission, which tonight is free!

We call Ayla to see if she wants to meet us for ice cream at the East Side Creamery on Ives St, just a short walk from her apartment.  She and Chauncey come over to say hello, even though they have just had a dinner with freinds, along with dessert.  I get a cone, and am disappointed to find that I still have throat tingles.

(Note:  there should be some beautiful photographs here, but Radioactive man is out trying to change the climate tonight, and can't post them for me.  Look for them later in the week!)