Sunday, October 19, 2014

Chemo #7

Friday, September 26

I am nervous about chemo today.  The last two weeks I have been tired and blaming it on all the running around, visiting my dad in the hospital, then the funeral and wake.  I realize I also haven't been out exercising, eating well or drinking enough, all for different reasons.

Chemo is late this morning, not until ten.  Kaileigh is coming with me this morning, but she is coming from her friends house across the city where there is no early morning vacuuming going on.
Steve left earlier to go to North Carolina where he will speak at the Carolinas Secular Conference this weekend. 

Kaileigh and I head over to Seven Stars at nine fifteen, I want to buy the valets some treats today.  They are always so attentive and friendly, and with this small gesture, I want them to know I appreciate them.

We arrive at Fain 3 early, but Carolyn calls me from the reception area right away.  My blood is drawn, and I see Bess for my weight and blood pressure.  I haven't gained any weight this time, but I haven't lost any in the last two weeks either.  This is good.

I see the physician's assistant today, Meghan.  I haven't met her before.  She has a very open and friendly manner, and we talk about my side effects.  She is concerned about my latest development, bleeding gums when I brush my teeth.  I also have bloody mucus, and keep showing signs that I might be getting my period, but it never happens.  All of my soft outer tissue is very sensitive this week.

My stools are also very soft, in the past it has only been this way Monday though Wednesday before chemo, this week I still have it.  I am looking forward to having my usual chemo bunny poops.  It is much easier to deal with.
Meghan is going to schedule me for a CT scan sometime soon,  Yay!
She brings me back to my pod, where I am hooked up to my premeds while we wait for my bloodwork results.

Claire is away this week, so no reiki today.
Carolyn is very happy to see my numbers today.  The pegfilgrastim injection did it's work, and my white blood cell count is good.  The big news is that my carcinoembryonic antigen levels, or cea number, is down from last month, way down!  It was 664 in August, and today it is 36.  This means my chemo is working! Doctor Safran is so pleased he comes by to be sure I have heard this news and gives me a big hug.  This is the perfect time to present him with a copy of the fox painting my tattoo comes from.  It is a lovely way to celebrate my good news.

Kaileigh's Fox Painting
Right away, I get benadryl, and it makes me dopey, but  Kaileigh doesn't seem to notice.  We talk about my dopiness on chemo, I am worried that some of it might stick. Kaileigh assures me that after the initial silliness wears off, I seem fine. She has talked about it with her dad, and they both think it is kind of cute.

Kaileigh gets a call from Josh, Carolyn is hooking me up to my chemo, and Lenore the lunch lady arrives, all around the same time.  Kaileigh goes someplace more private to talk, Carolyn has to stop explaining what my the cea number is all about, and Lenore tells me what is for lunch.  Earlier she had stopped by to me that chicken salad would be on the menu, something they don't often offer.  I take one of those on marbled bread, and eat it even though I don't really like it.

Eventually, Carolyn comes back to tell me about my cea, and Kaileigh returns to catch me up on what is going on with Josh.  He has been in California for a job interview and I am eager to hear how he  has done.

 While all this busyness is going on, I am trying feverishly to get a hat knit.  I want to try and get it done today.  I have had to start over three times already, I keep losing track of what is happening on my set up row.  Maybe this environment is too exciting to knit in.  I manage to finish the last row just as Carolyn hooks me up to my oxyplatin, it is quarter to four and time to go home!

As we head home, I suggest that we might head over to Seekonk to pick up my original of the fox watercolor that I have had framed.  As we approach the highway, I realize this is a bad idea.  We are about to head into Friday rush hour traffic, and we are hoping to make it to a showing of Boxtrolls shortly after five. 

We come home to find Sara and Jill, my nephew and one daycare child in the backyard sandpit.
Kaileigh heats me up some pasta and pesto that Rita had dropped by this morning.  I am always surprised that people want to feed me, but so delighted and grateful to receive it.  I end up eating the pasta in the car on the way to the movie theater. Alex, Ayla, Filipa and Chauncey are all meeting us at the movie theater, for opening night. The pasta is delicious and keeps me from getting over hungry.  I am so happy to have it.

My fingers are especially tingly tonight, I am so glad to have my fuzzy gloves with me. The theater is cool and I need them while I watch the movie.

The Boxtrolls is everything I had hoped it would be, maybe even better.  The animation is beautiful and different from Pixar.  The characters look kind of waxy, like Madam Tussaud's wax figures, but the effect is good for this movie.  Steve will want to see this movie, so I think I may see it again, which is something I rarely do.

When it is over, Kaileigh needs to catch a train back to Somerville, but is worried about me driving.  My head returned to normal while I was sitting watching the movie, and I don't feel drunk anymore.  I promise I will go slow, be extra careful, and call when I get home.  Sounds like a role reversal here.

Ayla and Chaunce go to their house, Alex brings Filipa home, and I work on my blog.  As hard as I am trying to catch up, I am always a month behind.  I am hoping to get at least a week closer again.

I make a cup of cocoa with my special birthday gift mix, add some fluff, and sip it while I work.  Mmmmm...a special cool weather treat.  I am warm and happy.

At first my typing is clumsy, but as my fingers warm up it gets better.  I need to wear my gloves as I type because the tingles are extra strong.  No weepy eyes yet, and my dopiness has subsided.  My weekend is off to a good start.

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