Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Thursday, September 4

I awake at four o'clock, it is one of those jittery days.  I have come to realize that these seem to happen on Thursday mornings after I have had chemo.  I take a bike ride to help get rid of the jitters, and make it around the boulevard twice. 

As I water my garden this morning, I take my water bottle with me and water up myself.  I manage to drink the whole bottle by the time I finish, but then feel kind of sloshy.  I am super hungry and have already eaten a bowl of mini wheats with blueberries, two English muffins with apricot jam, a hand full of M&M's and a glass of cranberry juice.  Maybe bike riding makes me too hungry.  It is good to be hungry though, it will help me gain the weight I will need to make it through my next operation.

It is a birthday for one of the children at daycare today.  Since he is not a big fan of cake, we make pizza and have birthday donut holes to celebrate.  He is very excited!

After daycare, I make some food to take to a friend who has had a medical procedure on Thursday.  From all the wonderful people who have helped feed me, I have learned what an important and necessary thing it is to feed people who are not feeling well.

As I am trying to hurry to go and pick up my zipcar, I hear a voice calling me from down the street.  It is one of my grown out of daycare kids calling for me to wait up.  Here is another lesson learned, don't be in such a hurry!  It is a good idea to take time to visit with friends, even if only for a few minutes. She wants to give me a birthday gift, which turns out to be a fox shaped warming friend.  It is soft and smells of lavender.  I love it. It is not my birthday until next week, so it is a nice early surprise.

I make it to to my destination with dinner in hand and still warm, with plenty of time to talk and to enjoy the company of a dear friend.  We talk and try not to laugh too hard or it will hurt too much!  We have such a nice visit. 

There is still time to visit my dad and spend some time with him.  He is very shaky tonight and is complaining that his finger is hurting him.  I ask for some pain medication for him, which he receives before I leave.  He tells me that they will be sending him home tomorrow, which seems hard to believe. 

I have forgotten all about my class this evening, I didn't even call to tell them I wouldn't be there.  Sigh.  Sometimes life is too busy. Or maybe it's just the chemo.

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