Monday, October 27, 2014

Monday, October 6

This is where things start to feel perfectly normal.  I have my ostomy situation under control, I know what to expect.  I know when I have chemo, I will have side effects, and it will involve weepy eyes and finger tingles.  Sometimes, like when I went out for a walk this morning, I will have odd, cold induced sensations. Today it was feeling like I had fuzz on my nose.  There wasn't, it must have been a neuropathy thing.

I feel like my body and my brain have adjusted to this new state of things, after four months of going through life in a bit of a fog.  Still, I feel apprehensive about Friday. I will find out the results of my CT scan, and receive my eighth chemo treatment.  Will things be as good as they were last time, or will they be different?

It is a fine day outside, and during our morning walk, we find over forty pumpkins.  This is something we like to do starting at the beginning of October, see how many pumpkins we can find.  This is a very good number of pumpkins so early in the month.

Ellen stops by today with some bread, at the insistence of her three year old daughter. She has started going to another preschool, and misses us very much.  We have a nice little visit, with the promise of a longer one on another day.

I walk to CVS, the bank, come back, work on my blog and go to bed early.

Tuesday, October 7

 After writing and writing for weeks, I feel like I have nothing to say. 

It was an ordinary day, we made chocolate chip heath bar crunch cookies,  walked, ate napped and played, our usual rhythm. 

I went to knitting, blogged, bed.

Wednesday, October 8

Today I received a surprise in the mail.  It was a gift card and a knitting book from my friend Julie, called Knitmare on Elmstreet.  You can imagine the projects inside: ghosts, zombies, haunted houses, skulls and scary clowns, all to be knitted!  There is a lot of fun to be had here.

It is so nice to receive the sweet surprises people send me in the mail, or stop by to drop off.  They are so appreciated and loved.

Thursday, October 9

It is a beautiful playground day, with so much treasure to be found!  Besides cabbage leaves, green beans and the usual assortment of clips, elastics and bottle caps, the kids find a five dollar market coin, and fifty cents in pennies, dimes and a quarter.  What a haul!

Kaileigh comes over and makes me saag paneir before we head to stained glass.  On our way we stop and bring some to Feather, who is doing laundry just up the street.  Such a considerate friend! We go to bed and make good progress on our project.  She cuts, I grind.  Maybe by next week we will have all of our pieces cut!

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