Friday, October 10, 2014

Sunday, September 14

It's my birthday!  I celebrate right away be sleeping in until eight, something I rarely do.

When I come downstairs, there is a stack of packages on the table.  I don't know who they are from.  It is a fox mug and fox salt and pepper shakers.  Maybe they are from Alex?

Steven makes me some eggs for breakfast, and then I ride my bike off to church.  I am dressed nice and warmly and there are no tingles anywhere.

Today is the first day of Sunday school, a day where we start in the big church to share the flame.  We light our Children's chapel chalice, the symbol of our religion, and bring it next door to our children's chapel.  It is also the Blessing of the Backpacks, which is something new this year.  It is to help our children and other back pack carriers to start this year off with a good feeling, and wishes for a good year.  It also ties into a project at the church where they are collecting backpacks to support the education of girls, through this organization:
My blessed backpack, with birthday fox wearing a backpack.  

Since it is a chemo week, I am wearing my backpack, and get it blessed.  This consists of some kind and encouraging words said in unison from the congregation and a flaming chalice backpack tag to hang off our packs.  One of my daycare friends is there, and we are happy that we now have matching backpacks, even though hers is pink and mine is purple.  So fun!

Our class is small today, only seven children, and two of them are daycare friends.  We will see if our class grows as the month goes on.  We have a labyrinth we sit on for our sharing circle, a time where we light our own classroom chalice and pass around the talking stick to share things about ourselves and get to know each other better.  Our word for the day is threshold, a beginning place. That special place between the inside and the outside of a door or entryway, where a new adventure can begin or end.  We decorate the inside of our door to make it friendly and welcoming to all who enter. It is a good way to begin our year.

My ride home is hot, the day has warmed up and I am wearing a wool dress which was great for the ride in.  Not so great for the ride home.  At least there is a nice downhill ride near the end.

I wait for Sandy to come and unhook me, and then have some soup that my neighbor Polly has made for me, along with warm chocolate pudding I made while waiting.  With whipped cream of course.

I thank Alex for the mug and salt shakers and he confesses that they are not from him.  They were on the steps when he came in last night, so he put them on the table so I would find them in the morning.  A mystery!  Is it my sister, or my friend Nancy.  The foxes are in a Talbot's box, this could be a good clue.
A foxy group of birthday foxes!
After lunch, I head to the garden, and so many friends pop by to give me birthday wishes!  It is such a fun way to spend the day.

I am still having trouble with liquids, room temperature water gives me the tingles.  I need to drink hot stuff, but I don't like tea that much.  I make a cup no matter how I intend to finish it, it always seems to go cold before I do. The only thing I like less than hot tea, is cold tea.  I decide to bring my water bottle out and set it in the sun, and it is the perfect temperature to drink.  I may have to start keeping water in a sunny spot when it is cooler out.

I manage to get all the front gardens weeded and the lawn mowed.  I still have more to do, but find that I am running out of daylight.

I finally hang the peace flags up that friends from church have made for me.  I line my driveway beside the house with them, because there are so many, and I spend so much time here.  I can also see them out my kitchen window, another place where I spend a fair amount of time.  They are cheerful and look beautiful.

By the time I am done, I am too tired to go and visit my father.  It seems too complicated to figure out how to get there and I am tired.  I will go and visit him tomorrow.


  1. My mom used to drink hot tea, but eventually she just started to drink hot water (i.e. tea without the tea bag!). Maybe that would work for you.

  2. I love the glowing peace flags at dusk picture. It's so great that you got your chemo backpack blessed!