Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Friday, September 12

I get up late today, but it is okay.  There will be only one child today who won't arrive early.  This gives me time to do all those wet hand chores that I won't be able to do for the next week.  I get the dishes done, the floors washed and pack food for today.  I pack up my busy bag, although I will probably only work on my knitting.    I am not meeting with the doctor today, so I am scheduled to start at nine twenty.  I am thinking that like the last time, I will be out early.

Steven and I walk to Seven Stars before we head over to the Miriam.  We get a box of deliciousness for the the nurses on Fain 3 to thank them for all the good care they have been giving me.  We walk to the hospital and get there right on time.

Kaileigh has come from Somerville, and meets us in the waiting area on the third floor.  I register and wait only a few minutes before Carolyn, my nurse for today, comes to get me.  Faye is home today with her young daughter who is not feeling well.  I give Carolyn the box of pastries for the nurses.  She is very excited to have such a nice treat.

I have worn my Cancergirl outfit today, and as Steve photographs me, Carolyn and Cassie watch in amusement.  We are hoping to make a comic that starts in the cancer treatment center.

Steven, Kaileigh and I have a nice time sharing posts from their cell phones and talking.  My blood work is taking a long time this morning, a sign that something is not right.   It turns out my white blood cell count is low again. It is still within range to receive treatment today, but Carolyn is going to talk to Dr. Safran about getting me a pegfilgrastim injection.  This will help bolster my neutrophil count (white blood cells) something they feel is important considering that I work with young children and these are the first line of defense in the event if an infection. I wonder if Faye's sick child has made my caretakers think of this.

I will have to return on Monday for a quick injection. I am told I might experience bone pain as a side effect, but most likely not.  Other rare reactions are: allergic reaction, spleen enlargement or rupture, serious lung problems and coughing up blood.  These sound delightful. Not.

I am already on four different drugs that have all kinds of side effects, but I have figured out how to deal with those.  I ask if there is something else I can do to produce the white blood cells, like eat or do something helpful, but no one has another solution to this problem.

I will just have to see how things go.

I get done around three, and arrive at my house just as our only child is getting picked up.  Sara has had an easy day.

After everyone leaves, Kaileigh, Steven and I head out.  We stop by AC Moore to get my fox picture framed.  The man in the framing department is very helpful.  I get a very nice frame, that even with a sixty five percent discount is still expensive. I decide to consider it an investment in the art and don't get too upset about it.  I pay for it with some birthday money, so it hasn't really cost me anything.  Kaileigh wishes she had framed it herself.

We stop by to visit my dad, who is happy to see Kaileigh.  We have a nice visit, and he enjoys the soft, chewy, black licorice that Alex has sent him from Whole Foods.  On our Wednesday visit he had been telling Alex how much he loved that candy, and since he couldn't smoke any longer, he was going to eat candy.

When we get home, we enjoy a delicious dinner that one of my fellow knitters, Debbie, has made for us.  Chicken masala, potato leek soup and lemon squares.  Yum-O!

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