Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Saturday, September 27

I stink of chemo this morning.

Today is my wake up early from chemo day.  I am awake at three thirty, and try to go back to sleep knowing I probably won't.  It is okay though, because I want to bake for a leadership retreat at church this morning, and this will give me time.

I want to make some blueberry muffins, and feel so grateful for the gloves Marcia has given me.  My fingers are extra sensitive to the cold today, and many of the ingredients I need, yogurt, butter, eggs and blueberries, are all located in the refrigerator.  It is strange to say, but it feels good not fearing the fridge.

I get my muffins baked, eat a few and still have time for a bike ride.  I haven't been for a ride in over a week, and I wonder how difficult it will be.  I dress pretty warmly for the fifty eight degree temperature outside, and head out.  No tingling in my fingers or toes, and no sore throat.  More things to be grateful for.

My ears get cold for some reason, so I pull my hood up over my helmet and pull it tight.  After going around the boulevard once, I am warm in some parts of my body and cold in others. I am afraid to uncover the parts that are overheated though, the thought of trying to get myself warm again is exhausting, so I stay bundled up.

I get home, change and head out to the retreat.  I need to pick up juice and bagels on the way, I also get some bread and fluff for the What the Fluff fest we are going to later in the afternoon.

The retreat goes well,  accomplishing everything the Prucom intended to.  People are informed about our timeline to select a new minister, and long and short term goals are agreed on for the future of our congregation.  All this is done, and the meeting ends on time, twelve noon.

When I get home, I find that my sisters and brother have been trying to reach me since nine thirty this morning.  They have been trying to get into a storage unit my father had rented, and my name is on the contract.  My dad lived with me when he rented it, so he put my name on the paperwork.  Even with a copy of his death certificate, they can't get in.  I show up and though the name my dad put on the contract is not even listed on my license, we get the information we need.  He had put me down as Katherine Boyd, a name I have never legally gone by.

Once we are told the number to the locker, we realize no one has a key.  My sister couldn't find one,  I have no idea where the key would be at my house, and they don't have a copy of the key at the storage locker.  A locksmith needs to be called in to get into the unit.

I am not much help to my sister, because I need to go to the What the Fluff Fest.  Alex, Allie and I on our way to pick up Filipa, who is the Pharaoh of Fluff.  She needs to get to Sommerville Massachusetts to perform her royal duties; greeting, waving and having her photo taken. 
I am hoping to become the next Pharaoh.

The Fluff Fest is a celebration of all things Fluff.  For those not familiar with Fluff, it is a creamy whipped marshmallow flavored spread, that goes well with peanut butter in a fluffernutter sandwich, and tastes wonderful atop a cup of hot cocoa.  It is like a marshmallow, without the chewy outside, just all the fluffy goodness that lives inside.  There is a fluff bake off, where fluff is used in interesting ways, and many fun kid activities.  Fluff jousting, or a fluff hairdo anyone?

We hit a little traffic on the way through Boston, so we arrive later than our two forty five goal.  The organizers of the festival are relieved to see Filipa when she arrives, they haven't done a very good job of keeping in touch with her in the last year, and they were not sure she would show.
The Pharaoh of Fluff and her Nutella Knight
Filipa has made a costume for herself and for Alex, and done a beautiful job.  The Fluff crown is help by the festival committee all year, so she hasn't worn it since last September!

Kaileigh meets us at Union Square where the festival takes place.  She lives in this city, about a twenty minute walk from her apartment.  Right away we head for the Union Square Donut tent, where they have fluffernutter donuts!  The line is long, but it moves along quickly.  We get a couple for Ayla and Chauncey, who will be coming by after Ayla gets out of work at four, and one for Steve who is North Carolina at his conference.

From there we wonder around, checking out tents for food and wares.  There is a steampunk theme to the festival this year, so there are vendors geared toward that.  I spot a nice cape that will go with my Cancergirl outfit, which I am wearing.  I have forgotten my towel cape at home, and feel like I need this cape for my Pharaoh take over.  I am hoping we can make this into a Cancergirl adventure.

Holy cow Radioactive Man, is that a new cape on Cancergirl ?
We watch some of the fluff events, kids fluff jousting, people making fluffernutters blindfolded, all thrilling events to watch.  We decide to head over to the main stage and on the way check out the food for the Fluff bake off, S'more brownies, Fluffernutter pie with Chocolate Marshmallow Ganache, Fluff My Nutter cake, BaklaFluff, and Fluff Sushi.  I am not hungry since I had a fluffernutter in the car on the way here, but some of these things look pretty good. 
Well, maybe I am hungry for a little something.
 I have been looking around the square for signs of when the Pharaoh competition will be held, but  don't see any.  I finally talk to Admiral Dave, a former Pharaoh himself, whois involved in the organization of the event. I am told that they are not holding a search this year.  That part of the event didn't get planned.

I am very disappointed.  It is a little silly, but I really thought that I could do this very brave thing this year.  I would get up in front of a whole bunch of people answer some silly questions and swear to uphold the deliciousness of Fluff.  Maybe it is just the chemo talking, but I was ready.  Next year, without the chemo, I may not be so brave. 

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  1. Is there a way we can petition for you to be the next pharoah of fluff? I would love to see you wear the crown.