Thursday, August 28, 2014

Day of the Undead

I wake up and my eyes look like I have joined the ranks of the undead.  There are dark circles underneath, and my eyes continue to tear.

There is only a small group of children coming today, so Sara watches them while I figure out Dr. and hospital bills.  They have been coming in, and I have just been piling them up.  Today is the day to spread some money around to try and make everyone happy.

I try to call Roger Williams Hospital to arrange a payment plan, but am put on hold.  After five minutes, I get a message saying all lines are busy, leave your name and phone number and they will return your call, or stay on the line and your call will be answered in the order it was received.  I leave a message.  It takes a few hours, but they do get back to me, and are happy to arrange a payment plan.  The woman on the line seems relieved that my call is so easily handled.

During nap time, Sara goes to the library to get new books for the week.  When she returns, I go to Whole Foods, since I didn't do my shopping over the weekend.  Alex comes with me to be my hands.  I can pick up very little in the produce section, and nothing in the refrigerated sections.  Even with my gloves, when my hands get cold, it is hard to get them warm again. 

By the time we get home, my hands have warmed up, and with my gloves on, I can quickly put things in the fridge.

After work, Ayla comes over to help me with my Stop and Shop trip.  It is great to have so many helping hands.

When I get home, I water the garden using two layers of gloves.  Did I mention this is August 4th?

Later in the evening, I eat warm chocolate pudding with whipped cream. It is almost as good as ice cream.

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