Sunday, August 24, 2014

Thursday, July 31, 2014

I wake up and still feel like I smell bad!

I actually make myself a smoothie this morning.  We made smoothies at our knitting night pot luck that was at my house last night, so all of the ingredients are easily available.  To those of you who regularly do this, it may seem like no special feat, but you must understand, I am not one to put all this work into my breakfast.  I like it quick and fast, like a bowl of fruit and yogurt.  To put everything in a blender, the fruit, yogurt and juice, mix it up, and then pour it into a glass, this is too many steps for me.  At the end, when you are all done, there is the messy blender to clean. This always seems like too much work for me. I get over my laziness and put all the fruit into the blender and mix it up.  It is good.  Maybe I do like smoothies for breakfast after all.

The visiting nurse stops by this morning.  She had left a message on my phone, but I hadn't noticed it and was surprised when she came to the door.  I thought I was done getting visits, since I hadn't heard from them in over a week. 

I brought the nurse into the living room while all of the kids were there.  I thought she was going to just do the regular stuff that gets done, temperature, oxygen, pulse, blood pressure and listening to my lungs.  It turned out she was discharging me from the visiting nurse service though, and had many questions for me.  She was a good sport, she answered questions from the kids and gave them a demonstration of how things work.  They were all very interested. 

Since the nurse had many questions that seemed like they would continue on for a while, Sara took the kids outside to play until we could all go for a walk. They were very excited to about going today, because we were having a butterfly parade.  We had crafted butterflies out of tissue paper and pipe cleaners and suspended them from long sticks.  When I was done with the nurse, we paraded around the neighborhood, showing off our beautiful butterflies. We had a grand time.

I stopped by my stained glass class in the evening, with the intention of doing some work on my window.  When I got there, I was too tired though, so I just visited before leaving.  Each week I feel sad that I don't get any work done, but I really need to focus on what I am doing, and I can't do it while I am tired.  Maybe I need to start a smaller project.

It turns out, what I really need is some ice cream.  The coldness sensitivity in my throat will return tomorrow when I get my chemo, so I want to enjoy some while I can.  I stop at the Lincoln Creamery on the way home and enjoy a hot fudge Sundae.  Ice cream makes everything better!

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  1. That is so true about ice cream: it does make everything better!