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July 10, 2014

July 10, 2014

James Ford, the minister from my church, came by to visit today.  We talked amongst the daycare turmoil of getting ready to go to the playground, (sunscreen everyone!) and the walk there.  It was a lovely visit, and I was glad to have the opportunity to share his company for this brief moment in time.  I rarely hear James on Sunday mornings because I am often in the kindergarten room teaching, which is my own choice.  I regret that I don't hear his sermons, since it is a way of getting to know him better. Aside from the time I get to ride in with James to Procom meetings, this is an opportunity to get to share some time with a person who is important to me.  I am glad for this.

The nutritionist from the hospital called today.  The nurses from my teaching session had asked her to call me with ideas on how to gain weight.  The only two things that I get out of our conversation are that I should eat less animal, and more vegetable, and that California Olive oil is good for my colon.  She was very against vegetable oil too.  I didn't find this information to be very helpful on the weight gaining front. 

I stop by stained glass class, but know that I am not going to be working on anything tonight.  I just want to say hello to my friends. I see the people at my stained glass class once a week if I am lucky.  There are always reasons that people have to miss class, but we are a very consistant group.  Christopher Foster lets us rent studio space once a week, where we can play with glass and create beautiful art.  He encourages us to come up with our own original projects, and helps us figure out how to accomplish them. It is nice to have a place to go where we can create, and leave this very messy, and often impractical to do at home hobby. 

Our group is small, with new people occasionally joining.  There is a core of people that stick with the craft, who have been going for years.  Tonight my friends Tony, Janet, Judy, Corin, Andrea, and Alyssa are all there.  We always support each other in getting projects done, lending encouragement and a critical eye where needed.  We celebrate accomplishments in class and life, and lend an ear or a hand when it is needed.  These friends have been sympathetic ears when I have stopped in to visit, even though each of these people has their own complicated life situations at home. I receive love and encouragement from these friends through emails, cards and their willingness to listen when I stop in. 

Before I leave, Janet gives me some alpaca wool she has spun for me.  I will knit some fingerless mittens from this soft, white wool, to help keep my fingers warm in the coming months. Janet works in oncology and emails me helpful information about my treatment.  She knows I will need these mittens due to the hand-foot syndrome I will probably experience. This is the name for the tingling I now get in my fingers as a side effect from some of the drugs. 

Yet again, I am literally wrapped in love from friends. 

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