Saturday, November 22, 2014

Monday, November 10

My feet feel fat and tingly when I wake up, when they are neither fat, cold or asleep. I have been trying to figure out how to describe the way this tingling sensation feels.  It has been very difficult to come up with and adequate description.  I tried a few things out on Steven last night, but he couldn't relate to them.  I think I finally have it down though. 

My first and favorite attempt was that it feels like the world is shifting beneath your feet, and they are moving, but in reality they are not.  Steve just shakes his head. The next try was that if you were to have a soul, or a ghost inside of you that is trying to pull away from your feet, and it can't get free.  Like there is some kind of magnet pulling it back inside yourself.  This explanation received a shake of his head and a very confused look. After telling this to Kaileigh and Ayla, they decided I am like Peter Pan, with my shadow sewn to my feet, but it just keeps trying to get away.  Now I am an Elphaba Peter Pan, with a shadow that keeps trying to get away and can't get caught in the rain.

This is the one he could get, and I think it might be close: the feeling you get when you have been in waves and you later lie down but you still feel like you are moving with the waves.  Except that it is only in my feet and it comes and goes at unpredictable times.  At least it seems unpredictable so far.  It happens most when I am standing or sitting, I haven't noticed it much when I am moving.  Sometimes, I feel like I need to sit down right away, but today I discovered that if I remain standing still the feeling will go away. I could call this sloshy feet.

Tuesday, Veteran's Day

I have kids today, just because this is such a difficult holiday for people. Some have it off, but most have to work.  I have three littles and three bigs today, with one more little coming at lunch time.  It is a warm and sunny day before the cold snap that is coming, so we spend the morning at the playground.

I decide to walk to knitting tonight, which I haven't done in a while. Even though the day has been fairly warm, I dress with all of my layers, in case I get cold.  I have on double pants, socks, and tee shirts, a hoodie, a jacket and mittens.  I am nice and warm until I reach knitting, where I have to immediately start peeling off layers!


I didn't get to go to the grocery store with Anna this week, so we go for a walk in the evening.  It is a pleasant walk, which passes very quickly.

Later, when I want to write about my day, my hands are too cold, and I keep them under the covers in my bed trying to warm them up.  They get warm, but I don't want to put them out into the cold air, so I just go to sleep.


Kaileigh makes it down from Somerville to go to stained glass this evening.  We are having our holiday party early, because once we get to Thanksgiving, everyone gets so busy.  Everyone brings something, Kaileigh and I bring olive bread and a cranberry salad.  Janet and Judy chip in for gluten free ziti from Luigi's in Johnston, Alyssa brings chips and salsa, Corin makes a gluten free vegetarian quiche, Andrea brings wine and Tony brings his famous cheesecake! It is a feast.  We even manage to get some stained glass work done too!

Life, despite it's detours and temporary setbacks is good.  Here is a picture of the world I choose to live in: 



  1. I love your attempt to describe what your feet feel like. Great images! Thank you for trying to help us get into your world, as it is now.
    I have spent time at very high altitude, in the Himalayas. I took a drug for the altitude, which made my fingers, lips, and toes sort of buzz, intermittently. When it came on, I called it having the tingly winglies, a term I made up. When I stopped taking the drug, that effect went away, When I took the drug again, it came back. So I always knew what caused it. That sort of helped, because it wasn't a mystery, It was just what it was.

  2. Have you tried hot water bottles for your feet? They make all the difference for me when mine are determinedly cold.