Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Monday, October 27

This morning, my downstairs still has several Halloween bins scattered about.  Before anyone gets here, I need to put out what I can, and put the bins down in the basement.  I still need to vacuum, dust and get things all set for my babies.  I manage to get everything done before my first arrival.

One of the things the kids love about my house at Halloween is the animated musical toys I have around the house.  There are three of them that sit on different tables, and it is fun to watch as they discover them. There is the boy dressed like a devil who raps This is Why I'm Hot, the which who sings Ghouls Just Want to Have Fun, and the ghost who rises and plays part of the theme from Ghostbusters.

A couple of our spooky friends
There are times when it gets to be too much, when they are all playing at the same time, over and over, but this doesn't happen too often.  Usually the kids all gather around one and watch it over and over, jumping or dancing with the character.  It is such a cute thing to watch.

On the wall we have a picture of a witch who says things like: You STINK, or Want to see my impression of a rock star, accompanied by a long tongue that rolls out of her mouth and her eyes bulging out.  This is met with either delight or terror.  The kids who love it, love it right away.  The kids who don't like it, really don't like it, and can't be around it when it is on.  It is kind of freaky.

We make ghosts out of construction paper and spell out BOO! in big letters at the bottom.  Most of the kids chose to make smiling ghosts, the only spooky one is made later in the day by a sibling. They look great dancing above the couch where the kids like to hang them.

We are going to see the pumpkin spectacular at Roger Williams Park this evening.  Kaileigh, Josh, Feather, Belvy, her boyfriend, Ayla and Chauncey are all coming too.  We were given a couple of comp tickets by my stained glass friend, Alyssa, who is a docent at the zoo.  I am hoping we can split the savings amongst us.  Unfortunately Alex has to work, and Steven is going to a Con Con (Constitutional Convention) debate in Newport, so they have to miss it. 

Before we leave, Kaileigh helps me put a second coat of paper mache on my costume project, and it is looking like I might actually get it done before Halloween.  I have been having my doubts about this.
D is for dinosaur

The pumpkins at the park are pretty spectacular, although I find the theme pretty lame.  It is built around the ABC's, so there are literary themes on some of the pumpkins, like Alice in Wonderland (my favorite) and some lame things like E for exotics, which features animals and insects, and I for impressionist.  This one had one Starry Night pumpkin and one with Van Gogh on it.  It could have been either less complicated with more pumpkins or at least better represented.  Using the insects from exotics really would have bulked up the I section for sure.  Even though it is late in the show which ends next Sunday, they could have had better distribution of the themed pumpkins. There were plenty in honor of people who passed away recently or long ago, which is such a bizarre honor, but at least it fits in with the spirit of Halloween.

G is for Garden Gnome!

V is for Vampire, ah ha ha ha ha!

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