Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Wednesday, November 5

Tonight I have a Prucom meeting, and it is my turn to bring dinner.  Steve usually makes dinner solo, but since I only have a few kids today, and they are all down for naps, I make some apple crisp and start the soups for tonight.  I roast some butternut squash for butternut squash soup, and start a chicken with some vegetables for a chicken stew.  I am not expected to bring more than one thing, but I am always worried about people not being able to eat something because they have special dietary needs, so I want to make sure there is something everyone can eat.  I am really looking forward to this dinner because the last time I made it for Prucom, in November of last year, my dad had just been admitted to the hospital, and I never got to enjoy it.  That night I made dinner, skipped my meeting and went to be with my dad.

Steven finishes up the soup for me while I finish my day with the kids.  We leave for church early, so I can reheat everything, and we end up arriving before the doors are open.  Fortunately, the night manager sees me while he is waiting for his shift to begin, and lets me in early.

I am also setting up an art project for the Prucom to work on, we are decorating a poster of our goals for the next few years.  My friend Jen has loaned me materials to decorate the poster with, and each of the Prucom members places a decorative stamp around the border.

Nori rounds out our meal with salad and cookies, and the soups are delicious and appreciated by all.  We work our way though our meeting.  It is a full one, there are always so many things going on that need to be discussed, but we end at a respectful time and head home.


This week has passed both slowly and quickly at the same time.  On one hand I can't believe it is Thursday already, on the other hand, it's only Thursday?

Today it is raining, but not cold.  Since it is rainy, it must be a cookie day!  After we bake, we go for a rain walk to deliver our over abundance of goods.  We take an abbreviated chicken walk, a direction we don't often take our cookies in.  We drop them at the doors of all of our friends, the chicken house people and the woman who lives next door. There is the English woman who often greets us as we look at all the statues in her garden, and the owner of Charley the basset hound.  We add an extension to our walk and bring our last bag to the man in the kitchen store window who always waves to us.

This evening, Steven and I are planning to see a preview of A Christmas Carol.  One of his friends has given him tickets for helping them out.  It turns out that the show is not ready yet, and the preview is postponed until Sunday.

I could go to stained glass, but Kaileigh has already made other plans, and the thought of going out in the rain is not very appealing.  Instead I sit at the computer for too long, putting off working on my blog.  As the time goes by I wonder if it is because I know I have a difficult blog to post tonight,  A Visit to the Liver Surgeon.

I think so.

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