Saturday, November 29, 2014

Monday, November 17

It is rainy today, but not as cold as yesterday.  I am ready for the chill though, three layers and hand warmers. This cold problem is solved.

I think taking it easy yesterday was good for me.  I feel very joyful today.  My youngest boys seem to have grown over the weekend, they feel heavier and look a little taller today.  It is funny how that happens sometimes.

We make cookies and bring them to our neighbors. The rain lets up long enough that we can make our walk and stay dry.  This is especially good when we are doing a cookie delivery, wet cookies would delight no one.

My friend Brett has an art show at Chez Pascal this evening.  It's nice to go out and see her art hung in a public place.  Although it is pouring rain, there is a good showing of people, a few are friends that Brett and I have in common.  It is warm and dry, there are tasty appetizers to snack on, friends and nice people to meet and talk to.  I think her show is a success.

One of my favorites from the show.
I walk home to get ready for my Happiness group to arrive.  Steve walks to the library on Hope Street to cover a community meeting with Aaron Regunberg, our newly elected state representative.  MY meeting is good, we discuss changing the format of our meetings, something we seem to gravitate toward doing this time of year. 

I am happy to have made it through this day warmly, and decide that sleeping in my first layer of clothing will be my new habit.  It feels so old fashion.


Today my brain wakes up a little more.

As my sister and I parade around the block with only three little ones, I think to myself, what the heck am I doing?  Three kids is almost enough to keep one person occupied, never mind two, and certainly not enough for two people to make a living.  I feel good, I should have a full house.  I need more kids!

An Alligator Lies in Wait

I walked to church for knitting this evening, even though it is thirty five degrees outside.  With my mittens and hand warmers, all goes well.  Steven has a community meeting a Brown, so we walk to the Brown green together.

I am meeting with the Religious Education Committee to catch up on what the youth task force is doing, then over to knitting.


Four kids today.  We paint pictures of robots, and take a chicken walk.

Painting Robots
Our Chicken Friends

  I put some alpaca shoe liners in my boots to see if they will help keep my feet warmer.  I bought them last year at a fiber festival Kaileigh and I went to when I visited her in Ithaca, NY. Alpaca fur is one of the warmest natural fibers, and the woman selling the liners told me they should keep even the coldest of feet warm.

Even though it is only in the lower thirties today, with my hand warmers and the shoe liners, I am toasty warm.  I find that sometimes I get so warm, I am sweating!
Mittens and Hats Today!

One thing I am enjoy doing on these chilly days, is sticking my hands into warm soapy water to do the dishes.  Usually this job is nothing more than a chore, but  now it has taken on a whole new dimension.  I let the water get warm and can't wait to stick my hands in.  Suddenly, it feels like such a luxury. 

This evening we go to see Barefoot in the Park at Trinity Rep. with Ayla and Chauncey. The stage is fabulous!  They have created a small apartment on the stage, with walls that open to reveal the small room inside.  Between acts you can see the stage hands redecorating the apartment for the next scene.  It is so clever. Unfortunately we are sitting in front of a row of women who can't help but comment throughout the show, but they are entertaining.  We have a great conversation about their comments after the show.

The play itself is good, although somewhat dated and this adds to its charm.  It is fun to discuss the social norms of the time versus those of now with Ayla and Chauncey.  It is an interesting experience to put aspects of the play into perspective for a younger generation. Even though the people who commented throughout the play were older than Steven and me, they could have gained some insight from our conversation as well. 

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