Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Sunday, October 19

Get to church early today.  I need to make copies for my class and set up our project for the day.  I also want to leave a basket of yarn in the youth group room.  I am hoping they might enjoy knitting, and that they will help alleviate our some of our yarn problem. 

Kindergarten class is small in size today, but full of enthusiasm.  They like learning about honeybees and how they live together in a community, in the same way that people do.

By the time I get home, I don't really have much time to do anything before I leave for a birthday party for one of my daycare friends.  I have fun hanging out with the kids and parents, and eat pizza and chocolate cake from Pastiche.  I thought I was over my finger tingles, but as the cool cake penetrates the paper plate I am holding, my fingers started to get buzzy.  Grrrr!

On my way home from the party I stop by the Gourmet House to see if they have found my reading glasses.  I think I left them there last night.  They didn't have them.  Fortunately I had purchased them at Frog and Toad, a gift shop which is right next door. Although I tried on several pair, I end up getting the same style that I had lost.  Is this because these are the pair that look best on me, or because this is what I am used to?

Once I get home, I get so involved in working on my blog, I forget to heat up some dinner.  Fortunately Steve comes home early from a meeting, and makes me some food.  I finish up with my blog so we can watch the Simpsons Halloween Special, and Brooklyn 99.  Another nice night snuggling and vegging out in front of the TV.

October 20

This was supposed to be a Happiness night, but instead we go to the Gamm Theater workshop to see a performance by Chance.   He was my first daycare child!  I am so proud to see him perform.  He does a scene from Of Mice and Men, playing George, with one other actor who plays Lenny. The scene is great.

It has been amazing to see Chance grow as a person and a performer.  When he was young, I would see him act in plays with the All Children's Theater.  The plays were not always the best, but Chance would always give it his all, throwing himself into his role.  It is nice to see how much he enjoys being involved in theater and continues to improve, always with the same zeal he had as a child.

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