Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Saturday, November 15

I am moving slow today, but manage to make it to my hair appointment on time.  No bag problems like last time!  Leslie and I spend our time together talking about the elder care that she and her sister are currently giving her mother and her aunt.  She remembers her mother doing the same for her elders that Leslie now finds herself doing, and wonders who will be there for her when she gets older.  It is one of those questions you never think about when you are younger, and then suddenly, there it is staring you in the face, making you wonder what your own future will look like when you get older.

Alex takes me on a run to Target, dropping me to shop while he gets his hair cut.  I forget that shopping on a chemo weekend is not a great idea until too late.  I see a Little Tikes wagon in front of The Children's Orchard, a second hand clothing store near the Supercuts Alex is getting his hair cut at.  I have been thinking I need a new wagon for some time, and have wondered if I would find one similar to what I already have.

Most newer wagons seem to have seating for only two children facing each other.  This is very limiting for the use of a wagon. Sara and I take a side off of ours, and let three or four kids ride side by side, watching that they stay seated and sit back so they won't fall out.  Wagons are also useful in hauling things around, like coolers and odds and ends for outings at the park. The flatbed really is the most useful wagon for my purposes, I just haven't seen any in the stores in a while, and paying for shipping for something online just seems too outrageous.

This wagon is perfect though.  It is similar to what I need to replace, with better wheels for tighter turns.  I can't pass it up.  This is probably not the best time for me to be buying this wagon, but there it is, and I am shopping with chemo head.  We take the sides off and slide it into the back of Alex's car.  Did I mention that the wagon I am replacing this one with is about twenty years old?  I have changed the wheels and axle on it twice, and it really has had a good run, but the axle is starting to wear through the plastic, so it has this tilt to it.  I does really need to be replaced.  Maybe this isn't such a chemo headed mistake.

Shopping totally wipes me out, so when I get home I settle in for a nice nap.

Later, Alex hangs out with me and we spend our time talking about life and relationships.  It is a nice way to spend and evening.


I can't get out of bed today. The forecast is for twenty five degrees, and I can tell by the coolness of my room it must be cold out.  I just know that when my feet hit the floor, it is going to hurt, even with socks on.  I need to get ready for church, but I can't convince myself that getting out of bed will be good.  My feet and finger tingles are strong and painful now and  I lay in bed for three hours before I finally make myself get up.  I need to cut out turkey parts for our Sunday school project, and it is not going to get done in bed.

As soon as I start cutting the construction paper, I know I am not going to make it in today.  With every cut I make it seems like my fingers get colder and more painful.  I manage to get all of the pieces cut out, and Steve offers to brings them in for me.  I am missing out on our kindergarten thankfulness project, a Thanksgiving chapel on gratitude, and visiting with the Sr. High Youth.  This makes me a little sad, but I still can't get myself to make it out the door.

Alex gets up as I am wondering around trying to find ways to warm my fingers and feet.  I have on mittens, multiple socks and have turned up the heat.  He asks me why I am not using the handwarmers that Ellie sent me.  It is one of those moments where the most brilliant of light bulbs illuminates the room.  Of course, that is exactly what I need!  He gets me two packets, opens them up and activates them for me.  I place them in my mittens and in minutes I am pain free!  It is the most amazing thing, I feel like I can live again.  I even feel like I could make it to church, except that it has already started so by the time I got ready to go, it would be almost over.

Alex makes me some oatmeal, Steve makes some hot cocoa, and soon I am warm and fed, and life is good again.  I wish more problems were so easily solved.

Allie and I go for a drive to Cumberland and back today.  As I get into her car, I am dressed for the cool weather and clutching my hand warmer filled mittens, and then in the sunny, warm car.  It is better than being cold I guess.

Later in the afternoon, Steven and I finally make it to The Christmas Carol at Trinity Rep.  We are there at the right time on the right day, and we meet Betsy who has some comp ticket for us.  Steven has met her through some of the work he has been doing. She is also a cancer survivor, and wants us to have a fun night out.  She also offers us four tickets to see a preview of Barefoot in the Park on Wednesday.  We are totally on board with that.  We immediately text Ayla to see if she would like to come along to see that show.  How lucky are we, to have the opportunity to go to Trinity twice in one week?

I have been to the Christmas Carol a few times over the years, and some years it seems more serious and grim than others.  This year it is a joyful music filled version, and we both love it. The costumes, the sets, and the acting is all wonderful.

The show started at five, and there was no intermission, so we are out into the night by six thirty. I am so warm and cozy with my hand warmers I can even face the chill of the night.  It is such a good ending for a day that started so cold.

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