Thursday, November 20, 2014

Saturday, November 8

I attended a workshop on Social Media at First U today.  It was very informative.  I also realized that if I sit for a more than a few hours, my ostomy bag comes unstuck.  You would have thought by now I would have figured this out, but I guess it doesn't happen that often.  Chemo day would be the only day I sit for an extended period of time, but in that case I am in a semi reclining position for part of the day, so it is different. 

After the workshop, Steven and I had planned on walking over to the mall to see a movie, but I was feeling like things were not sticking very well.  I thought I might be able to change in the bathroom at church, which would have been a first, but then didn't have the adhesive pad I need to make the bag stick well.

Instead, we walked home, and by the time I got into the house, the bag was literally hanging off of me.
A Box of Warmth

My week off from chemo has seemed to reset my reaction time to the chemicals that are filtering out of me.  Non adherence of bags had slipped from the weekend after to the middle of the week following chemo.  Now it has slipped back to the weekend after again.  My tongue is not swollen, but I am much more sensitive to the cold.  My feet are tingly and sometimes feel like they are moving when they are not.  My fingertips are shiny and smooth, my fingerprints are not as prominent as they used to be.

When I arrive at home this afternoon, there is a surprise box in the mail from Target.  It is very heavy for its size, and I can't imagine what could be in it.  I open it to find it is full of Hothands handwarmers!  They have been sent by Ellie, who knows about cancer having had a run with it several years ago.  She knows firsthand how the cold can affect chemo hands.  This is such a huge box of thoughtfulness.  I know I will be offering up thanks to her often this winter.

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