Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Saturday, October 18

This is one of those days where big ideas keep percolating down until there is little left of the day.

 I get out of bed just minutes before Anna comes to take me to the grocery store.  I manage to get up, and dressed and am just putting on my shoes when she knocks on my door.

We get the grocery shopping out of the way, and I think that I am going to get my front and back step railings painted today.  I just finish the front when it starts to feel like rain.  I had checked the forecast before I started, and the chance of rain was very low.  I am beginning to think the act of painting my stair railings is a sort of rain dance.  The last time I painted them, a thunderstorm happened by before I finished.

I get the back railing sanded before the rain starts to come down hard.  I retreat to my bedroom where all of my birthday cards and gifts still sit in a pile from my celebration last month.  I want to write thank you notes, but haven't done so yet.   I start writing, and don't stop until Steve gets back from the laundry. I take a short break for food and get back to writing.

The weather has cleared up a little outside, and I am not sure if it will rain again, so I give up on painting and concentrate on the thank you notes.  I hope to get something finished today.

Thank you notes are very difficult for me for some reason.  It is not the writing of them that gives me trouble, I can usually get them done once I set my mind on it.  The hardest thing for me is to get them in the mail.  I am not sure why this is, it is just the way it is with me.  After my wedding, I had all of my notes written shortly after the wedding.  The pile sat in a drawer for years before I threw them away.  There have been other times that I have done the same thing.  Every now and then a card will turn up that I wanted to send to someone that never got into the mail.  I find it much easier to try and give a personal thank you, and I am constantly sending mental thanks.

Ayla texts me while I am still writing, and would like to come over for dinner.  I finish up what I am working on and jump in the shower.  I have oil paint stuck to my hands and they need a good soak and a scrub, and I need a bag change. This is a good time to take care of all of these things.

I still haven't finished anything I have started today.  Well, grocery shopping maybe.  But I still need to get a few things at Whole Foods.

Ayla, Chauncey and I go to Gourmet House and have a nice dinner.  When I get back home, Alex and Filipa have just returned from an apple picking trip.  Somehow we get into an apple stacking challenge, and try to stack up five apples in one minute.  We go from apple stacking, to a rock stacking game, and play for over an hour.  At this point, I am starting to feel like a zombie!  Time for bed.

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