Monday, November 10, 2014

Sunday, October 26

Steve is coming with me to church today, even though I will be in Sunday school.  James, the minister at 1st UU is giving a sermon called The Critical Way in Religion: A Celebration of the Humanist Current in Liberal Religion. Steve wants to be there to show his support for James.

It is a pleasant day, so we walk in together.  I dress warmly to prevent any tingles, but the sun warms things up quickly and by the time we reach Thayer St, I need to start taking off layers.  As we pass the bus tunnel, the one that goes from Thayer Street through college hill to the downcity area, we notice  it is closed to bus traffic so that runners from the Monster Dash Race can run though it.  Steve and I differ on whether or not this is a good idea.  His reaction is that of, who would want to run through there, while mine is, cool!  Wouldn't it be fun to run through there knowing that no buses will run you over?  Normally pedestrian traffic is banned from the tunnel, so this is a seldom offered opportunity. 

On one hand I understand how Steve might feel this way.  The tunnel is probably filled with bus fumes and mold, things that would trigger his asthma.  On the other, how often does an opportunity like this come up?  It would be a unique chance to see this place one usually passes though in a matter of minutes more closely. 

In spite of the race, the Kindergarten still has six students.  If you have ever tried to reach this section of the city on a race day, you would know this is pretty amazing.  I haven't had to go through the trauma that people go through getting here, but some people turn back it is so difficult.  Others plan on taking the day off.  We take a break from our regular curriculum to celebrate Halloween by painting pumpkins, coloring spooky pictures and hearing a great story told by Marie.  It is a fun morning.

After Sarah drops us home, I get lunch ready while Steve gathers the laundry.  While he is washing the clothes,  I am going to be driving with Allie.  We are rapidly approaching her driving test, and haven't been out in a while.  Still, she has it down. We run some errands for her mother and check out the roads around where her test will be. 

Once back home, I need to finish cleaning up the driveway from yesterday.  I take down fragile decorations, leaving the harder ones up until Halloween is over.  I cut the stings off the donut tree, and put away the table.

While I am putting things away in the garage, I decide to pull out a desk a friend needs.  It is very heavy, so I push and pull it, making little progress. Finally, I decide to roll it out, tipping it gently from side to side, until I get it out of the garage.  I want to clean it and air it out in the sunshine before it is needed. 

After a day with so much physical exercise you think I would fall asleep right away.  Instead I lay awake for quite a while before I get to sleep.

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